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Window Replacement

JK Glass offers high quality window replacement and retrofits so your windows are level and properly sealed.  When a home is built, it comes with windows that are installed on the new home: this is a new construction window and can also be used when you’re replacing windows in a home.  A person may choose a window replacement due to several reasons: there may be a leak happening from the top down, you may want to change the existing size of the window opening or want a different design.  In a retrofit install, there is no nail fin like the standard window. The retrofit install goes right into the existing window frame so there in no need to remove the window frame.

Window ReplacementWe understand that windows serve an aesthetic and functional purpose in your home.  When you’re looking for a company that knows how to properly install and seal your windows, look no further than JK Glass.  The window area is the place that displays your home to the outside world and also keeps helps keep the heat from escaping in the cooler months.  You don’t want to compromise how your windows look as they can also make a difference in how your home’s value is estimated.  If you’re in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, we’re ready to provide outstanding window replacement and retrofit to suit your needs.

Proper Window Replacement and Retrofits

Poor window replacements and retrofits can truly compromise the look and integrity of your window.  Here are some things that may end up happening:

  • Chipping or cracking
  • Difficulty closing or opening the windows
  • High loss of energy and excess drafts
  • Mold and mildew from leaky windows
  • Sometimes a window can completely shatter!
  • Excess condensation and foggy appearance

In a majority of all these cases, you will need a window replacement so why not get it done right the first time.  Our Las Vegas glass team will place your windows on high priority and help you decide between a few options.

We are happy to go ahead and evaluate the window needs your home has and then conduct an evaluation of materials and best available windows for your home.  We help eliminate what you don’t need so you can get exactly what you want.