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Shower Doors & Enclosures

Glass Shower Doors Repair and InstallationJK Glass offers top quality glass shower enclosures and doors to in Las Vegas.  We know what your bathroom remodeling needs and the will work one on one with you to achieve your dream bathroom.  When you install shower doors and enclosures, you have the ability to transform the entire look and add value to your home.  The bathroom, just like the kitchen, is one of the focal points of your home.  When you have modern fixtures, including modern shower doors and enclosures, you instantly improve the feel and look of your bathroom.

JK Glass looks at your preference and overall look of your home, along with your input, to provide you with the shower doors you need.  All over Las Vegas, we have installed many enclosures and glass shower doors leaving many clients satisfied with the end result.  Call us today (702) 252-8283.

If you’re looking to build, call us before you build.  Our experience continues to show us that we can uncover needs you never even knew you had.  Many people leave some details until the end only to discover that those details impact the design their bathroom will have.  We can work with you to ensure all elements are considered prior to completing a project.  After we understand your needs, you can rest assured knowing the rest is up to our team of professionals.  We will help you solidify the look of your shower from looking at the surrounding (tiles, fixtures and the entire room).  We don’t do things halfway.  We’re committed to enhancing your bathroom and making sure everything is complimentary.

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JK Glass operates with a customer satisfaction focus and we want you to find what you need the most.  Our team is ready to consult with you to uncover your ideas, plans, show samples and answer any questions you have on your bathroom needs.  When it comes to shower doors and enclosures in Vegas, no one does it quite like us.  Our craftsmanship and expertise are unbeatable.  Call us today.