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Glass Repair

Emergency Glass RepairWhen your glass has shattered, the one thing you don’t have to do is panic.  JK Glass is ready to act immediately to repair your glass.  Once you choose us to fix your broken glass, we’re going to get your repair done on time and done the right way.  Our extensive experience with commercial properties continues to be our strength when it comes to understanding the special needs that a business has.  First of all, we respect your business and understand you have no time for downtime when you’re running your venture.  Our broken glass approach will ensure that you’re up and running in no time without a lengthy interruption.

It can be challenging to deal with difficult circumstances that cause damage to your property, but JK Glass has the solution.  Prior to repairing your property, we’re experts at giving you board ups options to protect your establishment.  We’re just a phone call away to make sure we secure your building so no one can enter to cause further damage – boarding also enables us to prevent any further environmental damage like rain and wind.

If your home or commercial building has recently had a glass breakage, you’ll be confident to know that our board ups will be able to clean for debris and broken glass.  In addition, we have a 24/7 emergency service to cover any possible scenario you can think about.  From vandalism, fire, car wrecks and more, we’re here to help.

JK Glass will board up any cracks and openings while evaluating the property for measurements – we do this so we can quickly respond to different types of materials to get your repair done in a timely manner.  Secure your business with us as quick as possible.  We service our commercial and residential clients with a quick response and offer different glass needs for each situation.  You won’t be left out in the cold when you need help the most.  Get your board ups in place and feel more confident knowing you have a company that understands your business and unique needs.  Contact us today at (702) 252-8283.