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Store Fronts

Your commercial building is the first thing people will see before they form an opinion about your business.  First looks matter when it comes to picking glass for your business.  Your company image and quality is found in all these little details, like glass, that add up to create a big picture.  Get the best glass install and repair from JK Glass to make your business sparkle.

Las Vegas Store Front GlassWe will repair or install glass to your storefront while making sure the material fits your commercial needs.  Whether you’re looking to have a luxury look to a more accessible appearance, we have the solution for your commercial property.  When you put your trust in us, we go the extra mile to uncover your needs and deliver a range of services and products to accompany your storefront.  From beginning to end, our team of experts synch the functional aspects of your business with the beauty, style and measurements.  We take every step of the process seriously – our care for your investment is of top priority.

Our approach to your storefront is both unique and personalized.  We will assess your property and find what repair, install or replacement your business needs.  Our many years of working with storefront’ has trained us to look at the full scope to uncover any other areas of concern we may have for your business.  Throughout the entire process, your involvement is also of high importance – we keep you within the information route and welcome your feedback for further investigation.  Out philosophy for customer satisfaction allows us to minimize the time it takes to route and relay information.  The results are a speedy delivery and a happy business.

Don’t hesitate to call us today for all your Las Vegas storefront needs.  We’re here to make the right replacements, repairs and installations for glass that gives a facelift to your business.  We have a trusted team of technicians who work with you until you get the results you’re looking for.  Our goal is to deliver an end product that makes you happy when you drive up to your storefront every day.